Contemporary Galleries to honored to provide the unique & creative products by Yardbirds. All of Yardbirds products are hand crafted in Kentucky.  The artist, Richard Kolb, creates unique & whimsical animal sculpture utilizing scrap & recycled metal parts instead of having them end up in a landfill.  Each sculpture are guaranteed to bring happiness to its owner.  

Richard Kolb, is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, a lifelong resident of Kentucky, & a juried member of the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program. He says "I believe that the things that make us happiest in life when we obtain them are not always the necessities of life, but usually the things that we do not need make us the happiest. And that's what Yardbirds are all about - happiness!"

Contemporary Galleries carries a nice selection of dogs, cats, sealife, birds & rodents but can also special order any design that Yardbirds creates.